Sample Orders

Sample programs allow buyers to order product samples with a discount and possible shipping waiver. They let you test the waters before diving into a bigger order. Here is how you can make a sample order: There are a few different types of samples that you should expect to receive depending on your product.

Off-the-Shelf samples // These are the most basic samples you can get and are products they have made to pull off a shelf or from our warehouse. These typically have little to no customization.

Material samples // These are not finished goods but are samples of materials they can use in the product. Common examples of this are different types of woods and finishes. Fabric swatches

Customized Factory sample // If you are doing private or white-label products with minimal modification, you will order a premade sample that our factory has on hand. Our factory often remakes these, but if you get some customizations, then.

Production Sample // these are made on our actual production line as close, if not exact, as possible to your specifications. These will also use the same methods used in production, and in some cases, our factory will document the steps for your reference.

Randomly selected Finished Samples // This is taken either in the middle of production or at the end before you make the final payment. These are parts of the finished product after a mass order chosen randomly to ensure quality control. Some people will have an inspector evaluate them. At the same time, others will be fine with photos or doing it yourself.